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David Dominic (Committee Member), Ernest Hauser (Committee Chair), Doyle Watts (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


The growth of structural features formed by the movement of the Louann Salt within the study area follows a fold-first model (Rowan et al., 2000), in which the formation of the Frampton Fold predates the formation of the Green Knoll Diapir. The Frampton Fold was formed during two growth episodes driven by movement of the Louann Salt within the study area. The folding and faulting resulting from these growth episodes created a conduit through which the autochthonous Louann Salt was extruded to the sea floor during the Pliocene. Following a depositional episode consisting of the early sequences of the Mississippi Fan deposition, the growth of the Green Knoll Diapir commenced at approximately 500 thousand years ago.

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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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