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George Huang (Other), Hong Huang (Advisor), Chu Kuan-lun (Committee Member), Daniel Young (Committee Member)

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Master of Science in Engineering (MSEgr)


Improvements of the anode performances in Li-ions batteries are in demand to satisfy applications in transportation. In comparison with graphitic carbons, transition metal oxides as well as graphene can store over twice amount of lithium per gram. Recently, graphene-based anodes for Li-ion batteries are under extensive development. In this research, lithium storage characteristics in graphene oxide (GO), GO/Manganese acetate (GO/MnAc), GO/manganese oxide (GO/MnOx) composites and Nano Graphene Platelets (NGP) were studied. The prepared GO delivered reversible capacities of 706mAh/g with an average columbic efficiency of 87%. Reversible capacities of 533 mAh/g were observed for GO/MnAc composite. GO/MnOx nanocomposite thermal annealed at 400°C in inert atmosphere exhibited high reversible charge capacity of 798 mAh/g with an average columbic efficiency of 95% and capacity fade per cycle of 1.8%. The EIS spectra of discharge and charge profiles of GO and GO/MnOx composites were analyzed to investigate the kinetics evolution of electrode process at different stages of lithium storage.

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Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

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