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Jacqueline Bergdahl (Committee Chair), Karen Lahm (Committee Member), Tracey Steele (Committee Member)

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Master of Arts (MA)


Existing evaluative research of interventions to reduce anti-GLBT prejudice remains methodologically incomplete, but suggests that those most in need of the intervention display the least amount of change - if not a strengthening of their prejudicial opinion. Cognitive and marketing research suggest that directly challenging prejudicial attitudes will strengthen, rather than reduce prejudice.

This research created an instrument to replace the Index of Attitudes toward Homosexuals and then employ an experimental design to provide much-needed methodological rigor to the evaluation of interventions. This design will be in service of assessing the impacts from a directly- and indirectly-challenging survey-based intervention. Contrary to expectation, direct challenges to prejudice created the desired reduction in prejudice. It is theorized this is from a reevaluation of social acceptance; the implications of this finding are then discussed.

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Applied Behavioral Science

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