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Nathan Bowling (Committee Member), Gary Burns (Committee Chair), Debra Steele-Johnson (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


In the current study I examined the relationships between personality, culture, and the decision to pursue self-interests. Specifically, I proposed that conscientiousness, extraversion, idiocentrism, masculinity, and power distance would be positively related to the decision to pursue self-interests whereas agreeableness would be negatively related to the pursuit of self-interests. I also proposed an exploratory examination of interactions between personality and individual cultural values in predicting the decision to pursue self- interests. As predicted, idiocentrism and masculinity significantly predicted the decision to pursue self-interests. In addition, masculinity moderated the effects of both agreeableness and neuroticism on the pursuit of self-interests. Also, idiocentrism moderated the effects of conscientiousness and openness on the pursuit of self-interests. Finally, power distance moderated the relationship between conscientiousness and the pursuit of self-interests.

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Department of Psychology

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