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Nathan Bowling (Advisor), Melissa Gruys (Committee Member), Corey Miller (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


The goal of this paper was to develop a test that uses the implicit processing style to assess aggression. This paper begins by reviewing current aggression theories and how aggression is assessed. Next it discusses the implicit and explicit processing styles and how scholars have used these methods of information processing to create psychological assessments. Afterwards, it presents a new indirect test of trait aggression that is based on the word fragment completion task and attempts to evaluate its validity in three experiments. In Study 1, psychometric methods are used to derive a 9-item trait aggression scale and initial support for the scale is provided. In Study 2, an attempt is made to provide additional support for the new scale, this time using an online format. No support is found for the validity of the new scale. In Study 3, the psychometric properties of the new scale are reevaluated, reverting to a paper-and-pencil format. Weak support is found for the validity of the measure. Lastly, finding and implications are discussed.

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Department of Psychology

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