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Eric Fossum (Advisor)

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Thermal and microwave polyol methods were investigated in the synthesis of various iron and cobalt core-shell nanoparticles. The reaction involved 1 mmol of an Fe+2 or Co+2 salt, bis-acetylacetanato [(Acac)2] iron (II), cobalt (Acac)2 or iron (II) acetate along with 1 mmol of a surfactant capping agent. The salt was reduced with 2 mmol of a 1,2 diol. When 1,2-hexadecanediol solid was used as a reducing agent, it was dissolved along with the metal salt and capping agent in octyl ether. When 1,2-hexanediol liquid was used as the reducing agent, it was also the solvent, and octyl ether was eliminated. For reactions in which octyl ether acted as the solvent, the capped nanoparticles were precipitated using ethanol. For reactions in which the solvent also acted as the reducing agent, the particles precipitated after nucleation and supersaturation of the polyol solvent/reducing agent.

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