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Janeece Warfield (Committee Member), Martyn Whittingham (Committee Chair), Julie Williams (Committee Member)

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


The intent of this program conceptualization is to create a theory-driven residential camp program for child cancer survivors and their families. Although the majority of families appear to adjust to the stressors of the cancer experience, it has been identified that there is a significant portion of the cancer population and their families that are experiencing psychosocial issues and are in need of support (Kazak, Boeving, Alderfer, Hwang, & Reilly, 2005; Levin Newby, Brown, Pawletko, Gold, & Whitt, 2000; Zeltzer et al., 2009). Some typical symptoms noted in this group of pediatric cancer patients and families are depression/anxiety; decreased sense of social support; decreased feelings of self-efficacy and ability to cope; and post-traumatic stress symptoms (Kazak & Christakis, 1996; Shultz et al., 2007). This camp will be grounded in the Adolescent Resilience Model (Haase, 2004), a growth-oriented intervention program that focuses on strength-based factors that promote positive individual and family recovery. Outcome measures will be administered to participants in order to determine the camp's efficacy in future research.

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