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Antonio Crespo (Committee Member), Robert Fitch (Committee Member), Yan Zhuang (Advisor)

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Master of Science in Engineering (MSEgr)


Meta-materials have attracted considerable attention due to their unique electromagnetic properties, such as negative permittivity (ε), negative magnetic permeability (μ), and negative index of refraction. These devices have shown broad flexibility in compact phase shifter, backward leaky-wave antenna, and high-directivity coupled-line coupler applications; however, integrated devices utilizing meta-material structures have not yet surfaced due to a lack of integration technology.

In this work, a novel concept of integrated meta-materials is presented, using free-standing porous silicon (PS) membranes of periodic magnetic wire arrays (PMWA). The free-standing PS membranes were fabricated on p-type silicon substrates through electrochemical anodization. Systematic investigations have been carried out to form free-standing PS membranes, to achieve large aspect ratio PS and selective anodization, and to circumvent corner/edge enhanced anodization. For the first time, free standing large area 400μm

2 SFTPSMs with an average 1.88μm diameter through 375μm substrate were successfully demonstrated. Success of this work paves the way for realizing integration of meta-materials. In addition, the SFTPSMs can find immediate applications in high efficient micro-lithium batteries for its high lithium storage capacity.

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Department of Electrical Engineering

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