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John Gallagher (Committee Member), Michael Raymer (Committee Member), Thomas Wischgoll (Advisor)

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Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCE)


Virtual environments provide insightful and meaningful ways to explore data sets through immersive experiences. One of the ways immersion is achieved is through natural interaction methods instead of only a keyboard and mouse. Intuitive tracking systems for natural interfaces suitable for such environments are often expensive. Recently however, devices such as gesture tracking gloves and skeletal tracking systems have emerged in the consumer market. This project integrates gestural interfaces into an open source virtual reality toolkit using consumer grade input devices and generates a set of tools to enable multimodal gestural interface creation. The AnthroTronix AcceleGlove is used to augment body tracking data from a Microsoft Kinect with fine grained hand gesture data. The tools are found to be useful as a sample gestural interface is implemented using them. The project concludes by suggesting studies targeting gestural interfaces using such devices as well as other areas for further research.

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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