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Jacob Campbell (Committee Member), John Gallagher (Committee Member), Meir Pachter (Committee Member), Kuldip Rattan (Committee Chair), Xiaodong Zhang (Committee Member)

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


In aviation applications, navigation integrity is paramount. Integrity of GPS systems is well established with set standards. Vision-based navigation systems have been found to be an adequate substitute for GPS when it is unavailable but are unlikely to be utilized until there is a measure for system integrity. Work has been done to detect the effect of a single measurement pair being corrupted with a bias; however, the measurement geometry varies greatly with the environment. The environment could be sparse in visual features to track, or the environment could be rich with features. With more features, there is a greater probability of having multiple corrupted measurements. It is essential that multiple corrupt measurements are detected and excluded to assure the integrity and reliability of the system. In addition, misalignment errors in the camera system results in systematic errors that are undetectable by current methods. This dissertation focuses on understanding the existing integrity monitoring methods and using them for the detection of multiple errors in vision-based navigation systems, as well as, developing a technique for detecting systematic errors due to camera misalignment and scaling. These methods are developed analytically and verified by using simulations. These simulations serve to demonstrate the usefulness of these methods in achieving the goal of this research to further the area of integrity monitoring for vision systems, so it could eventually be used as a trusted system and as a back-up for GPS navigation.

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Ph.D. in Engineering

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