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Misty Blue (Committee Member), Frank W. Ciarallo (Advisor), Thomas C. Hartrum (Committee Member), Raymond R. Hill (Committee Co-chair), Yan Liu (Committee Member), Ed Pohl (Committee Member)

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


This research advances ABM as a generic analysis tool such that ABM can reach its full potential as a revolution in modeling and simulation. To achieve this goal, the field of ABM is examined from many perspectives. The first perspectives examined are complex systems, the historical emergence of ABM, and philosophical issues related to ABM. These topics establish some clear foundations for the field across multiple disciplines. Next the current practice of ABM is investigated. Through a comprehensive 279 article survey some current deficiencies and opportunities in ABM are identified. Based on these opportunities, a new diagramming technique called the Conceptual Model for Simulation (CM4S) Diagram is developed. Fundamentally, the CM4S Diagram represents the first diagramming technique designed specifically for the effective representation, construction, and sanctioning of ABM computer simulations based on identified needs in the ABM modeling field and simulation modeling philosophy. Finally, the effectiveness of the CM4S Diagram is evaluated through the development of social science, military, and supply chain ABM simulations.

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Ph.D. in Engineering

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Engineering Commons