Submissions from 2015


Game Theory and the Surgeon, Alan P. Marco

Submissions from 2013


Wind Disasters: A Comprehensive Review of Current Management Strategies, Raffaele Marchigiani, Stephanie Gordy, James Cipolla, Raeanna C. Adams, David C. Evans, Christy Stehly, Sagar Galwankar, Sarah Russell, Alan P. Marco, Nicholas Kman, Sanjeev Bhoi, Stanislaw P. Stawicki, and Thomas J. Papadimos

Submissions from 2011

Rationale for Anesthesia Groups to Run Additional Flexible Operating Rooms for Multiple Surgeons who have Scheduled more than 8 Hours of Cases, Franklin Dexter and Alan P. Marco

Defining Competency In High-Performance Teams, Charlotte Guglielmi, David L. Feldman, Alan P. Marco, Paula Graling, Michelle Hoppes, Larry L. Asplin, and Linda Groah

Committee on Patient Safety and Education: Advancing the Practice and Securing the Future, Alan P. Marco

Cyclical vs. Structural Economic Weakness: The Effects on Physician Mobility and Recruiting, Thomas J. Papadimos, Ronald L. Harter, and Alan P. Marco

Submissions from 2010

Informed Consent for Surgical Anesthesia Care: Has the Time Come for Separate Consent?, Alan P. Marco


Medical Students and Society’s Health: Guardianship, Speaking Truth to Power, Reflective Thinking, and Effective Politics, Warren W. Pan, Alan P. Marco, and Thomas J. Papadimos

Submissions from 2009

Pay-For-Performance: Hit or Myth?, Alan P. Marco and Kent Bottles


The Importance of Anesthesiologist Assistants in Academic Departments of Anesthesiology: Why Your Department Needs AA's (And Should Start an AA Training Program), Alan P. Marco, Howard Nearman, and Matthew P. Norcia

Submissions from 2008

Peripheral Nerve Blockade in a Patient with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, Ann H. Bui and Alan P. Marco

Submissions from 2007


Implementation of an Antibiotic Nomogram Improves Postoperative Antibiotic Utilization and Safety in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, Thomas J. Papadimos, Jennifer L. Grabarczyk, Daniel F. Grum, James P. Hofmann, Alan P. Marco, and Sadik A. Khuder

Submissions from 2006

The Practice Setting: Office, Hospitals, and Others, Theodore D. Fraker Jr. and Alan P. Marco

Anesthesia Pre-Operative Evaluations Improve Facility Fee Charge Capture, Alan P. Marco

Ensuring the Safety of Our Patients, Alan P. Marco and Brian M. Aboff


Kierkegaard, Despair, Society, and the Medically Needy, Thomas J. Papadimos and Alan P. Marco

Submissions from 2005


5 Strategies for Better Airway Management, Alan P. Marco

Understanding Ambulatory Anesthetics, Alan P. Marco


A Preliminary Study of 24-Hour Post-Cesarean Patient Controlled Analgesia: Postoperative Pain Reports and Morphine Requests/Utilization Are Greater in Abstaining Smokers than Non-Smokers, Alan P. Marco, Mark K. Greenwald, and Michael S. Higgins


Game Theory and the Operating Room Staff: Cooperation in a Prisoner's Dilemma Game, Alan P. Marco and Afzal Upal


Anesthesiology, Autonomy, and Justice: Getting It Right, Thomas J. Papadimos, Alan P. Marco, and G. Filatoff

Submissions from 2004

A Guide to Generics, Alan P. Marco

The Virtual Patient Encounter--Units of Service in the Electronic Age, Alan P. Marco


Cerebral Oximetry and an Unanticipated Circulatory Arrest, Thomas J. Papadimos and Alan P. Marco

Machiavelli's Advice to the Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Thomas J. Papadimos and Alan P. Marco


The Obligation of Physicians to Medical Outliers: A Kantian and Hegelian Synthesis, Thomas J. Papadimos and Alan P. Marco

Postoperative Hypotension from Topical Use of 2% Nitroglycerin Ointment after a Total Knee Replacement Procedure, Munawar Siddiqi, Alan P. Marco, and Cornel V. Gorp

Submissions from 2003


Outpatient Centers Get Aggressive with PONV Prophylaxis, Alan P. Marco


What I Saw at ASA, Alan P. Marco

Influencing Physician Performance, Alan P. Marco and Debra Buchman


Structured Response Improves Data Capture in Pre-Anesthesia Evaluation Forms, Alan P. Marco and Debra Buchman

Influence of Form Structure on the Anesthesia Preoperative Evaluation, Alan P. Marco, Debra Buchman, and Colleen Lancz


Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, Hyperthermia and a Difficult Airway, Thomas J. Papadimos and Alan P. Marco

Submissions from 2002

Game Theoretic Approaches to Operating Room Management, Alan P. Marco

How to Fine Tune Your PONV Regimen, Alan P. Marco


Preoperative Anesthesia Testing Gets Smarter, Alan P. Marco


The ABCs of Anesthesia: A Primer for Managers, Alan P. Marco


Why Doctors are Afraid of Numbers, Alan P. Marco

A Struggle with Obligation: Ethical Reflections on a Transplantation Program, Thomas J. Papadimos and Alan P. Marco

Submissions from 2001

Game Theory in the Operating Room Environment, Alan P. Marco

On Fighting Airway Fires, Alan P. Marco


Should You Switch to Generic IV Anesthetics?, Alan P. Marco

Cross-Industry Benchmarking: Is it Applicable to the Operating Room?, Alan P. Marco and Steven Hart

Pseudoarrythmia from Evoked Potential Monitoring, Alan P. Marco and Kent Rice

Submissions from 2000

Everything I Know about Medical Management I Learned from my Kids, Alan P. Marco

Submissions from 1999

Laparoscopic Genitourinary Surgery Utilizing 20 mm Hg Intra-Abdominal Pressure, John B. Adams, Robert G. Moore, Salvatore Micali, Alan P. Marco, and Louis R. Kavoussi

Submissions from 1998


Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA): Effects of Drug History on Morphine Self-Administration, Alan P. Marco, Mark K. Greenwald, and Michael S. Higgins

Submissions from 1996

Comparative Clinical Pharmacology of Short-Acting Mu Opioids in Drug Abusers, Mark K. Greenwald, Harry L. June, Maxine L. Stitzer, and Alan P. Marco

Submissions from 1994

Recovery from Outpatient Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation is not Improved by Preoperative Administration of Ketorolac or Ibuprofen, Michael S. Higgins, John L. Givogre, Alan P. Marco, Paul D. Blumenthal, and William R. Furman

Submissions from 1993

Anesthetic Problems: Venous Air Embolism, Airway Difficulties, and Massive Transfusion, Alan P. Marco and William R. Furman

Submissions from 1992


An Aid in Oral Fiberoptic Intubation, Michael S. Higgins and Alan P. Marco

Submissions from 1990


Anesthesia for a Patient Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Alan P. Marco, Charles J. Yeo, and Peter Rock