The Use of Oral Contraceptive Pharmaceutical Sample Packs by Adolescent Health Care Providers

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Study Objective: The purpose of this study was to understand how health care providers use and distribute oral contraceptive pill (OCP) sample packs to adolescents.

Design: Qualitative study involving face-to-face structured interviews.

Setting: Interviews lasted approximately 20–30 minutes and were done in the health care provider's office setting.

Participants: A convenience sample of fourteen health care providers (pediatricians, family practitioners, nurse practitioners, and midwives) who have practices that include adolescents were interviewed.

Main Outcome Measures: Interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed. Two independent reviewers read the transcripts for themes. Transcripts were then coded and frequency counts were done.

Conclusions: OCP sample packs are an important tool for education and compliance. The pharmaceutical OCP sample supply may influence the health care provider's OCP choice for a teen.