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This chapter is from the book The Conservative Press in Twentieth-Century America, which profiles the most significant conservative journals of the past century. From the rise of industrial capitalism, when laissez-faire conservatives praised bountiful America, to the end of the Cold War, these journals have covered a variety of topics from differing, sometimes even contradictory, points of view. Yet they speak to the richness and comprehensiveness of the conservative press in America. Together they provide a focused history of conservative thought in 20th Century America. Along with the companion volume on the 18th and 19th Centuries, the book provides a valuable resource for students of the conservative press in America.

Covering a variety of disparate journals, the volume arranges them both chronologically and in sections reflecting the themes covered. Politics, individualism, isolationism, anti-Communism, the New Right, neoconservatism, and public policy are featured in four of the sections, while journals examining the issues of religious conservatism appear in sections devoted to Orthodox Protestant and Catholic journals. Yet another section focuses on journals dealing with literary and cultural topics. The remaining sections examine libertarianism, traditionalist perspectives, and extreme right-wing publications. Each section is unified with an introductory essay exploring the connecting themes and issues.

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