Level of AIDS and HIV Knowledge and Sexual Practices Among Sexually Transmitted Disease Patients in China

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Background: Little is known about sex practices that increase the risk of contracting HIV infection or the level of HIV and AIDS knowledge among sexually transmitted disease (STD) patients in China.

Objective: To describe AIDS and HIV knowledge, sexual practices, and factors associated with never using condoms among patients at an STD clinic in Jinan, China.

Study Design: Clinic patients (n 5 498) were randomly sampled to answer AIDS and HIV knowledge questions and to report sexual practices, including condom use.

Results: Patients had low levels of AIDS and HIV knowledge and engaged in high-risk sex behaviors. The majority of patients reported having had multiple sex partners. When having sex, few men and no women reported always using condoms. Gender, age, residence, AIDS and HIV knowledge, and having multiple sex partners were significantly associated with never using condoms.

Conclusion: STD clinic patients report having engaged in high-risk sex behaviors. More research is needed to better understand the factors relevant to developing risk-reduction interventions for these patients in China.