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The workforce today is made up of diverse generations, and currently the professional workforce is made up of the three main generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. The Baby Boomers generations makes up 29% (44.6 million) of today’s labor force, next to generation X representing about 34% (52.7 million), and generation Y being hand in hand with generation X but just passing them the amount of people at 34% (53.5 million) (Clark, 2017). Organizations will recruit applicants and hire future employee from these three generations. With each generation, in order to find the best candidates for open positions, organizations must find ways to attract each generation’s top talent. Further, it is not enough to hire them but organizations must focus on retaining them.

With many of the baby boomers nearing retirement, it will become essential for organizations to fill the vacant openings left behind (DeZube, 2018). Therefore, organizations will be relying on two generations, X and Y, to fill their vacancies. This already make the competition for talent even more fierce (Kleinman, 2018). Companies will currently have to focus their recruitment efforts on generation X and generation Y. However, to be able to recruit these generations effectively you need to understand these generations.

Therefore, the purpose of this paper is: 1) identify the values & beliefs of generation X and Y, 2) identify the work styles and job seeking behaviors of generation X and Y, and 3) offer suggestions in applying the recruitment techniques for generation X and generation Y.