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Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a leading cause of death in the United States and many older people suffer from this disease (Luisi et al., 2015). It is vital that nurses understand the importance of education, good nursing care, and support in improving patient outcomes. Nurses care for patients with heart disease every day and it is important that nurses have a good understanding of the disease process, how to effectively educate patients, and how to care for them in hospital and community settings. The purpose of this project is to (1) perform a comprehensive literature review regarding prevention, education, and management of CAD, (2) develop new and creative educational strategies that nurses can implement with their patients, (3) create and distribute an educational pamphlet for nurses, healthcare staff and nursing students, and (4) create and give a presentation of this material to junior nursing students. The layout of this paper will be organized into three sections: Chapter I will describe the purpose and significance of this project, Chapter II will be a relevant review of the literature, and Chapter III will be a detailed description of implementation for the final project.

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