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Spring 2017


This report outlines the progress and development ofan automated impact device (AID). This device was designed to be inexpensive, user-friendly, and modular. Developed with the parameters of vibration analysis. the AID can perform a variety of experimental procedures. Using simple C code and components that are both affordable and easy to obtain, the AID was designed to perform the same task as its more expensive counterparts. With this thought-process, the device was engineered to easily and quickly interchange components depending on the required task. Outlined in the report is the code used to operate the AID and the basic components used to create the circuity. Restrained by time and budget, only a functional prototype showing the variable frequency and force of the impacts was created. Included in theexperimental section is the limited testing performed with the AID. This data shows the validity of the design, needing further refinement to be a proper lab testing device.