Buyers Apping? Determinants of Current and Future Use of Sellers‘ Business-to-Business Mobile Apps

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The success of sellers' business-to-business (B2B) mobile applications (apps) hinges on buyers' continued use in their purchasing process. Such engagement with a seller's app is critical as it can add to the seller's bottom line. Building on an integrated model (task–technology fit [TTF], user satisfaction and self-efficacy), this research explores job- and individual-related factors that may influence buyers' current and future use of B2B mobile apps. Responses from 193 executive B2B buyers indicate that TTF directly influences future use while user satisfaction and self-efficacy directly influence current use of B2B mobile apps. Furthermore, current use of B2B mobile apps fully mediates the paths from user satisfaction and self-efficacy to future use. Only technology characteristics affect TTF. These findings provide insights into current and future use of B2B mobile apps for theory and practice.



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