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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), working with the Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) Industry Group, is developing a new MMEL electronic format. The MMEL refers to a series of documents controlled by the FAA that lists equipment that may be inoperative under certain conditions while still allowing the aircraft to be airworthy. Each aircraft model has an MMEL, and operators must work with that master document to determine the relief items for their specific aircraft. The resulting Minimum Equipment List (MEL) for an operator's aircraft is used by both ground personnel and pilots to determine the procedures for maintaining airworthiness. Currently, the MMEL is available in text format, and the industry needs an electronic format that is more efficient and that will be compatible with key aspects of future data standards. Members of the MMEL Industry Group were surveyed to determine the main user needs and human factors considerations for the development and evaluation of the MMEL electronic format. This study identifies key operator needs that can direct the development of not only the new MMEL format but also the broader category of aviation electronic documents.