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The present study examines the impact a merger had on pilot safety attitudes. Pre and post merger safety attitudes among a sample of Canadian pilots were examined using the Flight Management Attitudes Questionnaire 2.1 (FMAQ) (Merritt, Helmreich, Wilhelm, & Sherman, 1996) and the Flight Management Attitudes and Safety Survey (FMASS) (Sexton, Wilhelm, Helmreich, Merritt, & Klinect, 2001). Data were collected from 232 airline pilots prior to a large-scale merger using the FMAQ 2.1. Approximately 1 year following the merger, FMASS data were collected from the newly merged organization. We hypothesized that pilots’ safety attitudes were negatively impacted due to uncertainty and organisational change following the merger. Results of the study indicate that post merger attitudes were significantly different on the teamwork, job attitudes and safety culture facets of the scale, however there were no significant differences in the stress recognition following the merger. In addition, the psychometric properties of the FMASS were examined. Implications for this study include understanding how change within an aviation organisation impacts safety attitudes thus impacting the overall safety culture of the newly created organisation.