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The Flight Research Training Center, established in 2002 in cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration, focuses on improving the safety of commercial air transportation through the reduction of the loss-of-control events, which continue to be the leading cause of fatal commercial air carrier accidents (Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group, 2004). The primary research purpose of this program is the optimization of in-flight simulation based upset recovery training. The goal of the training is to have a beneficial impact on the loss-of-control accident and incident rate. The program is designed to collect research data through an extensive training program offered to commercial airline pilots. To date, more than 235 commercial pilots have completed the integrated two-day program which includes classroom, aerobatic aircraft, and advanced in-flight simulation aircraft training on how to best respond to a variety of upset situations. This paper presents the results of the data collection and analysis effort for the FAAUpset Recovery Training (URT) program for the twenty-four month period from August 8, 2002 through July 30, 2004.