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In October 2003 we conducted a survey among the aircraft engineers of a southeastern European airline (Airline). The research included four questionnaires with 61 questions. The subjects of these questionnaires were: a) The incentives that attracted the a/c engineers to their profession. b) The opinion of the a/c engineers on the incentives applied by the Airline’s top management c) The incentives which the a/c engineers require to be applied by corporate top management. d) The opinion of the a/c engineers regarding the effects of the recently organisational restruring of the Airline’s group The sample used for this research represented 25% of the total number of the a/c engineers. This percentage is regarded as statistically adequate for an absolutely reliable result. The construction of the questionnaires and the classification of the answers of the a/c engineers was based on Herzberg’s Needs theory. which was adopted at the particularities of the national and labor culture.