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Airline dispatchers play a critical role in the National Airspace System (NAS), as their flight planning decisions have a direct impact on the efficiency and safety of the resultant traffic flows and on contingency plans to deal with possible events that could arise while enroute. Their decisions also have an important impact on the operating costs for an airline. This paper first discusses the results of two focus groups with airline and military dispatchers that served to identify potential uses by dispatchers of the functionality contained in NASA’s Future ATC Concept Evaluation Tool (FACET). This tool uses trajectory modeling to generate predictions of ATC sector loadings and to generate and evaluate alternative routes for an aircraft in terms of potential traffic congestion concerns. The paper then discusses follow-up work based on one of these findings: The potential value of combining data from FACET with historical data about a flight’s past performance in order to improve pre-flight planning and flight-following while an aircraft is enroute.