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A study was conducted to determine possible pilot and airport characteristics that could be used to predict surface incidents (SI) committed by pilots. The study was conducted by analyzing the videotape data from a previous simulation study (Surface Technology Assessment Product Team, 2004) that tested the ability of dynamic taxiway message signs called Addressable Message Boards (AMB) to enhance pilot situation awareness (SA) and reduce the likelihood of SIs at controlled airports. The current study did not take into consideration the impact of AMBs on SIs, but specifically focused on pilot and scenario characteristics. The results of the study indicate that pilots who committed SIs had logged fewer hours in the past six months than the pilots that did not commit a SI. In addition, pilots who committed SIs also had less experience at controlled airports than pilots who did not commit a SI. Pilots committing SIs also had lower situation awareness and higher levels of workload. It is likely that the combination of less recent flight experience and less experience at controlled airports were the cause of increased workload and lower SA for some pilots. The resultant increased workload and decreased SA led to a higher likelihood of these pilots committing surface incidents.