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Recently, the “Learner Centered Grading” (LCG) debriefing strategy has been introduced to general aviation flight training. LCG includes two parts: learner self assessment and a detailed debrief led by the instructor. The purpose of the self assessment is to stimulate growth in the learner’s thought processes and, in turn, behaviors. Implementing a training strategy in the field, however, is different from laboratory tests. In an effort to see how the learner centered grading debrief was being used in the field, in-depth interviews with 10 certified flight instructors (CFIs) were conducted. Overall, the CFIs reported that the in-depth discussions were an improvement over traditional instructor-led debriefings. Difficulties, however, were also evident, and a variety of questions and observations were noted ranging from the varying accuracy of the self-assessments to issues with transitioning instructors to use this new style of debrief. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the learner centered grading style debrief, present findings from the interviews with CFIs, and offer recommendations drawn from research on selfassessment and metacognition, as well as applied research on debriefing accomplished in the U.S. Navy shipboard environments.