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This study was conducted to update data on the force that pilots (and nonpilots) can apply to flight controls so that current performance data could be compared with values for maximum allowable control forces found in sections of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR 23.143 and 25.143). We compared these tabular values with several later samples of human performance to determine what proportion of the potential and actual pilot populations might be able to exert those levels of force. We then obtained data for 12 female general aviation pilots and 12 female nonpilots as well as data for 32 male scheduled-carrier pilots for comparison with previously documented data and with the values in the CFR. 83% the female pilots were not able to exert force to the levels shown in the tables for some of the 10 primary tasks. However, only 12.5% of the male scheduled-carrier pilots did not achieve the tabled force levels for some tasks. Results were examined by task and force-application dimension.