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Previous research has shown that up to 80 percent of all commercial aviation accidents are the result of human error, including inadequate decision making, ineffective communication, inadequate leadership, and poor task or resource management. Currently, a number of “smart” flight deck technologies – such as Synthetic Vision Systems (SVS) and Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) – are being developed to prevent, intervene, and/or mitigate pilot error. In some instances, these technologies are essentially acting as an additional crewmember, thus changing the dynamics of crew interaction on the flight deck. The specific effects of these advanced technologies – both positive and negative – on crew resource management (CRM) performance are difficult to quantify. Performance measures that are sensitive to technology insertion must be developed to determine these impacts. To address this issue, we are developing observer-based measures for assessing the effects of new technologies on CRM performance. This paper focuses on the systematic process used to develop these performance measures.