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There is substantial evidence that the consistent application of the process tools and methods of flight deck management (CRM) has yielded improvements in the performance of flight crews in error avoidance, identification, trapping and correction or mitigation in operational flying. There is also ample evidence of operational shortcomings in flight crew performance extending beyond the flight deck, particularly in interactions with the air traffic control system and controllers (ATC), contributing to or directly stimulating consequent degrading of operational performance in these critical interactions. This paper reports an effort to adapt and apply specific tools and methods derived from those of the Quantum-Pro® Management System of cockpit resource management to engage the controller as a "time/task-shared crew member” and critical partner in professional flying and to effectively counter errors or shortcomings that arise in flight crew interactions with ATC, hence to improve performance of these partners in operational flying, both in terms of the ATC situation and the flight situation of the participating crew.