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The main aim of this research was to explore the organizational and inter-organizational factors affecting aircraft maintenance safety. Specifically it is intended: (a) to probe the categories of organizational factors which effect maintenance safety through the study of an aircraft maintenance organization; and (b) to explore the interface between pilots and maintenance technicians, which is referred to as the information interface due to the exchange of the information between both parties for the safety of flight. The study consisted of 17 interviewees from one aircraft maintenance organization in China, who participated in structured one-on-one interviews. The data were coded using content analysis techniques which could convert the qualitative interview data into quantitative data. Four categories of factors were revealed, including individual and environment, factors relating to the technical systems, non-technical systems, information interface. Results of this research also show that compared to the pilots, the maintenance personnel were less strict with the departure standards for the aircraft (e.g. minimum equipment), which may lead to the conflict between pilots and maintenance personnel.