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A new scaling approach for traffic situations in ATM assess the changes in and trade-offs between safety-buffers, efficiency and task-load in the work of air-traffic controllers. A computerised scaling tool was developed, which showed sufficient validity for simulated traffic situations (Vormayr, 2005). Results from a study of 23 Austrian air traffic controllers were presented, which could be grouped into controllers with a individual critical situation (ICS) (n=10) and (n=13) without an individual critical situation during a full shift are reported. Controllers were asked to rate the traffic situations after the shift during a reconstruction interview, based on these ratings individual critical situations were identified. In addition SET-ratings were obtained during the shift in regular intervals. The SET-Tool showed significant differences between situations of different impact, and a couple of typical profiles emerged, which reflect the working-strategies used by the controllers. The discussion addresses the options to use the SET tool to evaluate individual working strategies in different traffic situations and to evaluate and detect limits in sector capacity.