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From 2004 through 2007 runway incursions (RI), an FAA high priority safety item, have continuously increased (FAA, 2008). The FAA has sought mitigation proposals; here we suggest one such solution. Byrne, Kirlik and their students (2005, 2006, 2007) suggested one possible cause of RIs to be pilots making errors when given counterintuitive taxi instructions (i.e., turns away, as opposed to towards, their ultimate destination). Using this work as a foundation, we identified counterintuitive taxi geometries at Willard Airport (CMI), conducted an experiment with 14 certified flight instructors working at CMI in a simulation of landing and taxiing, and tested potential countermeasures. In addition to replicating Byrne and Kirlik’s observations of systematic errors in turns violating experiential and geometrical expectations, we showed that our verbal guidance intervention aided all 7 pilots in correctly navigating the counterintuitive turn whereas only 1 of 7 within the control group did so.