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This paper discusses selection research and practice, with a focus on air traffic control specialists (ATCSs). In the USAF and FAA, accurate selection of air traffic control (ATC) trainees is essential because of the cost in time and money to train people for this high-consequence occupation. The FAA continues longitudinal validation research for the Air Traffic Selection and Training (AT-SAT) battery. Additionally, validation of the AT-SAT for placement by option would allow the FAA to develop a process for assessing applicants’ potential to certify at facilities, providing useful information when determining where placement should occur. Frequently, psychiatric conditions are delineated in medical standards as disqualifying. The value of correctly using psychological testing for screening for psychiatric conditions is addressed. In the future, selection procedures in use today to hire ATCSs who use tactical techniques to separate airplanes might prove to be inappropriate for ATCSs, who will be expected to use strategic ATC methods.