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Combat aircraft advances have led to a dramatic increase in the operational tempo facing the Navy pilot, increasing the likelihood for Situation Awareness (SA) failures, biased decision-making and information overload. We designed a system for constructing intelligent adaptive displays to address these issues and, within it, designed and evaluated two interfaces targeted at tactical SA challenges: (1) a Weapons Employment Zone (WEZ) Display designed to support awareness of combat geometry; and (2) an Adaptive Boundary Display (ABD) designed to warn pilots of impending border infractions that would compromise Rules of Engagement (ROEs). We tested the ability of these displays to improve SA, reduce workload, and improve mission performance in a population of licensed civilian pilots. The WEZ Display significantly improved performance and SA and reduced workload, while the ABD made no significant improvements. We recommend using the WEZ Display to assist novice pilots in understanding and tracking real-time combat geometry.