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Two simulation studies were conducted using the Multiple Uninhabited Air Vehicle Agency (MAGE) software with nine Predator experienced pilots and sensor operators. In one study, MAGE's situation awareness and decision support elements were employed as supplemental information displays to a Predator crew station simulation within the Air Force's SIMAF facility. In the second simulation, each pilot controlled two autonomous UAVs during a complex multi-target mission scenario using the MAGE software suite. After the simulations were complete, the crewpersons answered questions about their attitudes concerning automated features and what kinds of non-vehicle information (weather, air spaces, intelligence, etc.) they felt they needed during operational missions. The results reflected their experience with the Predator system, to some degree their age, and the particulars of the MAGE user interface. Their responses provided valuable insights about the information requirements and evolution of the UAV Ground Control Station's user interface.