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The Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Organization Office of Safety sponsors a comprehensive and ongoing program of Crew Resource Management (CRM), Human Factors in Air Traffic Control (ATC). CRM begins with a oneday workshop for all field ATC personnel, including management, staff, supervisors, and air traffic controllers. Facilitators present principles and methods in teamwork, individual performance, and Threat and Error Management, and participants discuss and record how they can use those principles and methods in their air traffic operations and safety cultures. Participants identify local safety issues and record their own recommendations, which then are compiled from all the workshops in each facility, and the data is delivered to local management for follow-up action. This is proactive data, intended to improve individual, team, and system performance before errors and accidents occur. To avoid the regression effect, reinforcement includes recurrent training, team debriefs, periodic articles and publications, DVDs, and CRM posters.