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When we read the findings of NTSB report AAR-07/06, Southwest Airlines flight #1248, we felt transported to a parallel universe whose occupants seem to be lacking any ability to reason analytically. These “findings’ seemed to turn logic on its head, were insufficient in scope and incorrect as to causation. This paper will analyze the SW accident using the ODM model; will show the deficiencies in the NTSB report and finally, a. Indicate how to design line oriented flight training (LOFT) scenarios that reflect actual operating conditions and are aircraft type-specific. b. Show where/how a separate DM crew training module should be placed in flight crew training. The result would be training that provides both instruction and simulator practice for all Captains in such a way as to make timely and accurate decisions, thus avoiding the very accident we are discussing and, truly meet the requirements of an Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) of pilot training and certification.