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All-too-many accidents in the past decade have major similarities. Yet, we continue to have these accidents. Are there countermeasures to reduce the risks of similar (or non-similar) accidents ? We propose a differing view of accident causation that can lend itself to preventing future accidents and uncovering more generalizable causes. Many accident reports fall back on the standard panacea for accident prevention: training. Training is a large part of the answer in accident prevention, but only very specialized, focused decision performance training with rigorous evaluation. We will show a template for such training and evaluation as another countermeasure, one that provides a uniform approach and guidelines for flight simulator scenarios (LOFT). However, we have concluded that even these efforts at a optimum solution still may fall short. We look towards an automation-based, threat identification/risk management cockpit display, incorporating all of the above to prevent runway excursions and other CFIT.