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Technologically advanced aircraft (TAA) are defined as those with enhancements such as digital cockpit displays, GPS navigation, moving maps, and autopilots. Many flight-training programs are currently transitioning to such aircraft to more fully prepare their students for commercial flight operations. The technology of modern digitally instrumented training aircraft is similar to that found in advanced commercial aircraft. Students and instructors who operate TAA can provide valuable insight into the process of transitioning from analog to digitally equipped training aircraft. A sample of 216 students and instructors, from a collegiate flight-training program that recently converted from analog instrumented aircraft to the Cirrus SR20, were asked to complete a survey of their perceptions about the transition. Data from these surveys were used to identify perceptual differences between students and instructors for further investigation and to suggest curricular modifications for improved training. This information should provide valuable insights for other flight training programs that are considering or are already operating TAA.