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Accident investigations showed that most accidents are caused by the flight crew. But in many cases, if the captain can listen to first officer or the observer suggestion, such as "go-around ", for safety reasons at the key phase of final approach, many flying accidents/incidents can be avoided. Unfortunately, the captain sometimes would still chose to continue the final approach due to over-confidence, then leading to disastrous consequences in the end. CRM(Crew Resource Management) endeavored to reduced the crew human errors and improve the safety level all the while, but there is no effective way to eliminate this kinds of problems at yet. In this paper, this kind of problems is deeply analyzed from some areas, such as the crew attitude, cultural characteristics, operation standards and regulations, etc. And recommended CAA to improve CRM by advocating the ‘One Ballot Veto’ system(—at the key phase of take off and approach, once someone argue against the current operation for the safety reason, the captain must hear the suggestions and take the operation which are more benefit to the safety at once), so that reduce these problems.