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A simulation system called the Collaborative Airport Traffic System (CATS) has been developed to study human factors issues that arise in the design of a departure metering program to manage the inventory delivered to the spots at an airport over time. CATS is designed to support the role of a Departure Reservoir Coordinator (DRC), whose job is to: • Manage the inventory at the spots so that the departures queues maintain a “reasonable length” (long enough to avoid having the queue run dry; short enough to avoid unnecessarily high fuel consumption and long tarmac times). • Manage the inventory at the spots to deal with departure fix constraints, avoiding an inventory at the spots with too many flights to a constrained departure fix. As one Tower TMC put it: “We’ve got to give the Ground Controller a fighting chance”. This paper describes the design features of CATS and highlights conclusions based on previously reported studies involving cognitive walkthroughs with ARTCC, TRACON and airport Tower traffic managers and with airline dispatchers