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Air traffic capacity is mainly bound by Air Traffic Controller (ATCo) workload, which leads to problems in the view of the steadily increasing demand for air transport. Additional automation tools to support the ATCo in his current working practices are necessary. Visualization of control possibilities for aircraft by means of the “Solution Space” approach provides a first step in this direction. However, these visualizations focus on the control possibilities for a single aircraft, and a known problem is relating the indicated conflict back to the involved aircraft. This paper discusses the design of a visualization that shows the maneuvering options for a pair of aircraft in a conflict. As for the previous solution-space based display, the Ecological Interface Design framework is used to develop the design. The interface allows the ATCo to decide which aircraft should maneuver to most efficiently solve a conflict, or assists in selecting a joint maneuver, in which both aircraft make smaller maneuvers to solve the conflict. The manner in which the interface answers the requirements discovered with the work domain analysis and task analysis is discussed.