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This article presents the partial application of a post-graduation doctoral study developed at civil Air Navigation sets of a public organization, on operational work stations: Tower; APP – Approach; and AIS - Aeronautical Information System Room. Its main goal is to demonstrate how Concept Map was used as a Multi-methodology and an instrument of SODA - Strategic Options and Development Analysis, in SOR - Soft-Operational Research, for PSM - Problem Structuring Methods, to contribute for structuring, analyzing and monitoring problems and decision making processes, by optimizing interdisciplinary “iteractions” and interactions to: promote System and Rational Thinking; reduce self-deception and increase metacognition; encourage Metagovernance and Situational Leadership; enable possible improvements. Its main purpose is to consolidate a predictive culture on Operational Safety Management, according to aeronautical requirements, focusing on Human Factors, for the continuously emergence of hidden threats, considering Complex System´s characteristics of complexity, variability, dynamics, unpredictability and minimum acceptable risk control.