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Advanced technologies and automation are important facilitators of single pilot operations, but they also contribute to the workload management challenges faced by the pilot. We examined task completion, workload management, and automation use in an entry-level jet (ELJ) flown by single pilots. Thirteen certificated Cessna Citation Mustang (CE-510S) pilots flew an instrument flight rules (IFR) experimental flight in a Cessna Citation Mustang simulator. At one point, participants had to descend to meet a crossing restriction prior to a waypoint and prepare for an instrument approach into an un-towered field while facilitating communication from a lost pilot who was flying too low for air traffic control to hear. Four participants experienced some sort of difficulty with regard to meeting the crossing restriction, and almost half (n=6) had problems associated with the instrument approach. Additional errors were also observed, including eight participants landing at the airport with an incorrect altimeter setting.