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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) deployed the Service Integrity Risk Analysis Process (SI-RAP) with the goal of assessing the risk of technical occurrence events where the ability to provide safe air traffic management technical services is compromised. As a post-event tool, SI-RAP assesses the risk associated with an occurrence based on severity and repeatability. The SI-RAP taxonomy was developed to provide a consistent framework for supporting the assessment of event repeatability. The SI-RAP taxonomy synthesizes existing human factors taxonomies with customized factors representing the technical operations domain. The SI-RAP taxonomy is comprised of four tiers: Personnel Factors, Contextual Factors, Equipment Factors, and Systemic Factors—with each tier being composed of categories that group related taxonomy factors. An iPad application was developed to assist SI-RAP panel members in the application of the taxonomy. This paper will introduce the SI-RAP taxonomy, the SI-RAP walkthrough application, and will describe the future application of the taxonomy.