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This article presents a general view of a post-graduation study developed from 2011 to 2014 into some civil Air Navigation contexts of a brazilian public organization, to promote System and Rational Thinking, and Metagovernance, aiming at structuring, understanding and monitoring problems prone to variability, dynamics and unpredictability, to contribute to minimum risks management and opportunities of changes in real work. The study was developed to support TRM (Team Resources Management) behavior abilities, introduced as a Program since 2009, and adopted: a qualitative and collective method;Multimethodology as a predictive methodology, in which Conceptual Map was the central instrument, based on Soft Operational Research (OR) principles; and complexity paradoxes, in which Metacognition and Selfdeception was the central one.Multimethodology assumed interdisciplinary iterations, interactions and integrations among professionals of different operational activities and organizational levels, applied in four yearly cycles.