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This article focuses on the development of a tool chain to support the training of helicopter rescue pilots. The aim is to support the training instructor for comprehensible, objective and reliable assessment of the mental state of pilot trainees. Hence this article investigates a method for on-line estimating the mental workload of the pilot and his free/needed cognitive and sensorimotor resources during flight. We further provide a description of the methodological approach and details on the implemented prototype of a flight instructor station as part of our research simulator. In a first simulator study with four subjects the system has been rated as helpful and effective. A possible application can be found in the more objective evaluation of the pilot students’ learning progress. For this purpose the recorded missions are analyzed during debriefing in order to identify workload peaks. Furthermore, the continuous analysis of workload can be used for an on-line adaptation of the training lessons. However both application fields require further development and validation of the methods used in this specific task environment.