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Previous research has shown that some individuals with color vision deficiencies (CVD) are capable of performing some aviation occupational tasks as well as those with normal color vision (NCV); implying that passing a screening test with a diagnosis of NCV may not be necessary for all aviation occupations. Our goal was to find outcome consistency between performance on occupational tasks and several screening tests; further, to compare those pass/fail outcomes to the Colour Assessment and Diagnosis (CAD) test for aviation certification. The strategy involved establishing a pass/fail cut-point separately for four occupational tasks at the 5th percentile of the NCV group. A scatterplot was constructed displaying the sum of correct screening test trials on the x-axis and the red/green threshold of the CAD test on the y-axis. By defining the markers according to pass/fail status on the occupational tasks, it was easy to evaluate multiple factors to arrive at an appropriate cut-point for each screening test.