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Effective human-system integration (HSI) incorporates several domains: manpower, personnel, and training, human factors, environment, safety, occupational health, habitability, survivability, logistics, intelligence, mobility, and command and control. These domains are interdependent and must be considered in terms of their interrelationships. Human factors engineers typically focus on system design with little attention to the skills, abilities, and other characteristics needed by the human operator. Personnel selection is seldom considered during the HSI process. Complex systems require careful selection of the individuals who will interact with the system. Selection is a two-stage process: Select-in procedures determine who has the aptitude to profit from a training program and, thus, represents the best investment. Select-out procedures focus on medical qualification and disqualification. Generally, less expensive screenings methods should be used first and more expensive filters used in later stages of the selection process. Personnel selection has a vital role to play in human-system integration.