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The FAA is interested in an optimalstrategy for placing air traffic controllers into high-level Terminal facilities.Ourresearch question is whether new hire trainees (developmentals) should begin field training at lower-level facilities and transfer to higher-level facilities later, if successfulat the lower-level facility,or begin training at a higher-level facility and transfer to a lower-level facility if unsuccessful? We compared the success rates of developmentalsplaced into medium- and high-level Terminal facilities after completing Academy training to the success rates of certified professional controllers (CPCs)allowed to transferafter completing field training at a lower-level facility. We found that the CPCs who began training at a lower-level facility succeeded in training at medium-level Combined Tower/TRACON facilitiesat a significantly higher rate than did developmentalsat the same facility type and level. We recommended that the FAA staff higher-level facilities with CPCtransfers rather than with new hires.